Midjourney for the Beginner: 7 Steps to Get Started

Here is a beginner’s guide to using Midjourney for text-to-image creation:

Step 1: Sign up for a Midjourney account at https://midjourney.com. This allows you to access the Midjourney Discord server where you can use the AI.

Step 2: Once in the Discord server, go to the #newbies channel and type “/imagine” followed by a text prompt describing the image you want to generate. For example: “/imagine a cute baby sloth hanging from a tree branch”.

Step 3: Midjourney will start generating images based on your text prompt. You’ll see four images appear in the channel.

Step 4: React to the image you like best with a thumbs up emoji. This tells Midjourney to refine and improve that image.

Step 5: Keep reacting with thumbs up on versions you like more, and thumbs down on ones you don’t like. Midjourney will keep iterating and improving the image based on your feedback.

Step 6: When you’re happy with the final image, type “/imagine this image with higher resolution” to generate a high-res 2048×2048 pixel image.

Step 7: Type “/imagine this image as a PNG file” to save the final image as a PNG file that you can download.

By Ariel Penn, August 27, 2023

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