Technology Trends of 2024: Uncovering the Best of CES

Hey there tech fans! I just got back from CES, the world’s biggest show on new tech in Las Vegas. This year was a big one for CES, as it was the 100th anniversary of its parent, the Consumer Technology Association (woohoo, party time!).

Jessica Boothe and Brian Comiskey, the futurist and research gurus from CTA, highlighted the tech trends that will take over our gadgets and lives in 2024. There was a ton of exciting stuff previewed, but I managed to wrangle the highlights down to 5 key trends. Grab some coffee or adult beverage of choice, put your feet up, and let me walk you through what you can expect in tech and AI this coming year.

Trend #1: AI is Everywhere

It’s pretty safe to say artificial intelligence is already oozing into every corner of technology, but 2024 is poised to be an especially big growth year for AI. We’re talking next level machine learning platforms, enhanced digital twins (AI replicas of physical objects), and even more advanced robotics hitting the shelves. AI tech is getting smarter and faster.

Intelligent assistants are making their way into more and more devices to help make mundane tasks easier. We’ll see more chatbots with conversational abilities that mimic actual humans. Microsoft is even unveiling the first update to their computer keyboard in over 30 years – with a dedicated AI assistant button! Wild, right?

AI is also helping make experiential technology like the metaverse more realistic and responsive. And companies across industries are harnessing these innovations to boost efficiency and productivity in software development, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. The applications are truly endless. AI for the win!

Trend #2: Sustainability Solutions Have Their Moment

With climate change accelerating and the Paris Agreement 2030 emissions reduction targets looming, sustainable tech took center stage at CES 2024. 

Advances in materials science are bringing us next-gen solar cells that can be embedded seamlessly into buildings, vehicles, and electronics. Green hydrogen and wind power storage innovations will address previously unsolved efficiency issues. We’re even seeing the first portable, inflatable “air farms” that can grow crops resiliently in arid, harsh climates.

It’s not all pie in the sky stuff though – exhibitors also showcased common sense improvements like recyclable plastic alternatives and IoT-enabled home energy optimization. The sustainability trend wave is clearly here and it’s an exciting push towards a greener civilization!

Trend #3: Inclusivity & Accessibility Level Up

Inclusivity and accessibility in technology will take center stage in 2024. AI, VR/AR, and other emerging tech rightfully face scrutiny when it comes to responsible, ethical development. 

More consumer products and services tailored for people with disabilities are already becoming available (and fashionable too – some of the wearables are downright chic!). 

Progress in women’s health tech is particularly notable, with innovations targeting previously overlooked conditions like menopause through solutions both simple and complex.

Diversity in entrepreneurship and STEM careers is another area getting well-deserved attention. Groups like LGBT Tech, Female Quotient, and Black Girl Ventures commanded big stages at CES, disrupting the status quo. It’s high time, and a shift that will accelerate tech advancements for all. The future looks bright from an inclusive innovation perspective!

Trend #4: Transportation Charges Ahead

From the exhibit halls to keynote presentations by legacy automakers and upstarts alike, electric and autonomous vehicles stood out as dominant CES 2024 themes. EVs are clearly hitting an inflection point with most major manufacturers now on board (some more quickly than others). You know how you are wink wink. 

BMW and Mercedes made splashes previewing new flagship EV models with cutting edge driver assistance capabilities. 

We also got glimpses at purpose-built electric mobility solutions like autonomous pods for last mile transit from innovators like Kia.

The supporting ecosystem around EV charging advanced notably as well. Solutions delivering vehicle-to-grid bi-directional charging, solar pairing, real-time electricity rate awareness, and more suggest the infrastructure is scaling to meet demand.

And it’s not just cars – boats, bikes, construction equipment, and air taxis (yes, actual flying vehicles!) also went electric in force at CES 2024. Buckle up, because the EV future has arrived!

Trend #5: Everything Gets Smarter

The overarching theme across all the cool tech shown at CES this year was, you guessed it, smartification! Artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity, internet of things (IoT) sensors, and advanced data analytics are transforming practically every product category.

Appliances are getting app and voice control. Fitness equipment is getting personalized training guides. Mirrors are doubling as health (and mental health) tracking devices. And vehicles are turning into smartphones on wheels.

Our TVs are evolving into intelligent home assistants that can answer questions, control other household gadgets, assess our health stats using computer vision, shop online as we watch…you get the idea – everything is getting smarter!

Which of these trends are you most excited about? Any game changing innovations I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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